SpareTime MarketPlace®


Sell Any Products & Creativities.!

SpareTime MarketPlace allows anyone to create their own online store or shop. It usually costs around Rs.4000 – 5000 to create an online shop but with SpareTime MarketPlace you can setup the same online shop for free and sell goods without paying any commission.

SpareTime MarketPlace consists of two parts,

·        Children MarketPlace

·        Adults MarketPlace

During the registration, when the date of birth is provided, the seller will be separated into either Children MarketPlace or Adults Marketplace.

·        Age below 16 years will be under Children MarketPace

·        Age 16 and above will be under Adults MarketPlace

Through this application, Adults as well as school children can create their own online shop and sell goods. Buyers can purchase these goods via the SpareTime User App only.

Benefits of this App,

·        Create your own online shop for free

·        Allows to sell goods such as hand-made items, hand-paintings or any other items

·        No commission charges

·        Goods will be delivered island wide via delivery personnel

·        Anyone around the world can sell goods via the User App

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