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Sponsor a child

Our foundation focuses primarily on improving the welfare of special needs children and underprivileged and vulnerable children. Our association amalgamates all charitable activities and programs for special needs children. Our activities range from sponsoring to enhancing livelihood, enhancing sports & social skills, enhancing educational attainment, and enhancing distinct talents of special needs kids directly through different programs and activities.

To alleviate the lives and welfare of children in need and special needs children.


Programs and Activities


·      Providing sponsorship for special needs kids

·      Livelihood enhancement programs collaborating with SpareTime Provider® App and SpareTime MarketPlace® App. 

·      Sports Festivals

·      Social skills enhancement programs

·      Socializing events

·      Educational needs enhancement-concentrated programs

·      Talent shows

·   Programs and activities in collaboration with the State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Pre-Schools & Primary Education, School Infrastructure & Education Services in Sri Lanka. 


Sponsor the Child Website


Sponsor a child is an initiative by SpareTime Global to improve the lives of underprivileged and vulnerable children in the community by providing access to nutrition, healthcare, education, clean water, and a safe environment. These sponsorships ensure families of those children meet ends by enabling a stable income. This initiative will build future leaders in different societal sectors.

This website will be used to acquire sponsorships for special needs kids from foreign and local donors
Livelihood enhancement programs collaborating with SpareTime Provider App and SpareTime Marketplace App

SpareTime Provider App and SpareTime Marketplace App are ready to provide jobs that match the skillset and abilities of special needs kids without any hassle and help to uplift their economical conditions. All kinds of crafts, creations, and innovations of these kids will be displayed in both SpareTime Provider App and SpareTime Marketplace App where their creations will get more visibility and will open more markets
Sports Festivals

Sports Festivals will be organized so that special needs kids can showcase their sports talents. Some of the sports that will be conducted are cricket, netball, volleyball, football, and running.

Social skills enhancement programs

Social skills enhancement programs will aim to develop social skills such as sharing, cooperating, listening, communication, respecting others, politeness, and manners and etiquette.
Socializing events

These socializing events will be used to acclimatize special needs kids to society and remove the fear while building mutual understanding between special needs kids and society.
Talent shows

Talents shows are organized to showcase the talents of special needs kids. These shows will unveil distinct talents of special needs kids such as dancing, singing, acting, playing a musical instrument.

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