SpareTime Children’s Marketplace®

Children's Marketplace

Help Children to become Entrepreneurs.!

This is a platform that can be accessed through the SpareTime App. Through this SpareTime Marketplace, young children have the opportunity to showcase their new crafts, creations, drawings, etc. and earn some income from selling them.

They can upload their creations in this and the child has to decide the amount for that. Then anyone who wants that creation or design can buy it through the SpareTime Marketplace. It can encourage children to create more creations like this, develop children’s skills as well as give value to their creative abilities. It will help them to become entrepreneurs from an early age by showcasing their talents.

This SpareTime Marketplace has two sections, Children’s Marketplace and Adult’s Marketplace. These Marketplaces are displayed according to the date of birth when registering for the SpareTime App. Children’s Marketplace for those under 18 and Adult’s Marketplace for those 18 and over.

The submission of This Certificate is mandatory to ensure the safe conduct of children.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Click here to download the Guardian Consent Form

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