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FAQ! Need help?

You can follow the below steps to Download and Register for the app.

1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and search for SpareTime User.
2. Download the SpareTime User App to your mobile phone.
3. Open the app after downloading SpareTime User to your phone.
4. On clicking the SIGNUP button, the screen on the left is displayed.
Please fill in the details below details
  • Your Email
  • First name and Last name
  • Date of birth (day/month/year)
  • Gender (M/F)
  • Your mobile number without the zero(0) for example if your number is 07777777777, enter 7777777777.
  • Password (6 character password which includes letters and numbers).
Once the above process is completed you can successfully log in to the App.
You can follow the below steps to book a service.

1. Download and Register the Sparetime user app from either the Google Play store or the iOs app from Apple Store.
2. Search for the category you want.
3. Open the sub-category and follow the instruction as you go forward.
4. Once you have booked the service, wait for the Provider to be accepted.
5. App-assigned service provider will reach to address you provide and deliver the service.
If you want service but cant avail of it at the time you booked the service, we recommend you reschedule the booking for a different time.

If you want to cancel follow below the steps, go to my bookings and go to upcoming bookings.

Select the booking you want to cancel and click the cancel.
1. Search for the booking you want to reschedule
2. Click on reschedule
3. Select the preferred time slot if available and submit.
You can book your preferred provider through the SpareTime Android and iOS apps.
Once you place a booking, you will receive a confirmation on the app.
And you can view on "My bookings".
Contact details for the professional are in the "My bookings" section.
Select the service provider you want to call and contact directly.
Our service providers generally respond within the time frame stipulated on the app.

We track if the job is not started on time and our customer service team will work on the issue immediately.

Be assured that either the service provider or our representative will get in touch with you in case the job can't begin on time.

If you face any problems please feel free to get in touch with us ******
After each service is completed you will be asked to rate the professional and leave feedback as well.

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